Critical plants require quick emergency action if it comes to the worst. Prompt help is needed if a plant failure can only be bridged for a short time, delivery deadlines are exceeded or environmental damage is imminent. Our standby team is available for such cases around the clock, 365 days a year.

The challenge that a service hotline faces lies in the bandwidth of knowledge that is needed. The competences needed for this job are complex, starting from measurement technology, electrical, automation and process control technology through to information technology, each for different manufacturers and products.

BNA provides a standby team with the required competences, where the engineer standby service is in the front line. Their task is to analyse the fault pattern and, together with you, to decide on any further action. When remedying a fault, the engineer standby team can rely on a team of specialists who are ready to help in the background.

We make meticulous preparations before including your plant in our on-call service programme: as-built documents are brought up-to-date, remote maintenance access is created and, very importantly, the on-call service team will come to your company and familiarise themselves with your plant.

If necessary, spare parts which have to be stored, will be registered and an agreement reached on the response time as well as the time it takes until the team arrives on site.

This is how we will help you if it comes to the worst. On that you can rely.