Remote access to your plant has many benefits for you: short response time, no travelling expenses and our specialists can start the fault diagnosis very quickly if it comes to the worst. Even if the problem cannot be solved via remote access, the service team can prepare themselves much better for their deployment on site and even bring spare parts along that may be needed.

BNA has a powerful remote maintenance centre. 22 hardened computers are available in a specially protected network area where access software, configuration tools and engineering software have already been installed. If one of our employees receives your service request, he can reserve one of these remote maintenance computers from his workplace via the Intranet and carry out diagnosis or other work on your plant via a secure connection without delay.

Safety comes first. Access is only granted via a personal account that is created for the employee and your plant. Each access is logged.

If your plant is not yet equipped for remote maintenance access, you can install our remote maintenance client as a quick solution. Please see below for the Download option.

Download BNA-Remote-Client