Work means more to you than just the daily trek to the office? You would like the inspiration a team can give, seek ambitious tasks and wish to assume responsibility? And you would like to be proud of the work you perform each and every day?

BNA works in the areas of water, the environment, energy and industry. Our work is synonymous with the safe, environmentally friendly and economical production of many goods key to life itself.

Read on the following pages which occupational future awaits you with us. Find out more about the advantages a successful small- to medium-sized company with an open corporate climate, attractive social benefits and a flat hierarchy has to offer. Get to know which technical and personal developments open up for you at BNA.

André Rose, Head of Production

A secure and stable working environment is important to me which is why I have been working at BNA for more than 20 years.

As one of the company’s first employees, I have been here from the very outset. I was able to experience at first hand how the company grew to its current size of more than 100 employees, whereby I was given a long-term and secure career perspective at all times.

Nadine Sprögel, Controlling

BNA is the ideal employer for me as I can combine career and family here very well.

Having completed my business administration studies, I started my career at BNA in Controlling. The corporate climate is characterised by a family-like and collegial atmosphere. Thanks to flexible working hours and a home office, I am able to harmonise my responsible work duties with my family life.

David Cammerer, Project Engineer

BNA offers young people great opportunities for training and a start to their careers.

During my Masters course of study I applied to BNA for my final project. After a brief period of work experience, I was then offered permanent full-time employment as a project engineer. My first project involved me working together with experienced engineers on the automation of a combined cycle gas turbine power plant parallel to which I was able to finish my Masters course work.

Michael Kayser, Technician

Working at BNA is for me synonymous with many varied projects both at home and abroad.

My last major foreign project involved me going to Brazil. At an automotive factory we commissioned a plant for gluing vehicle windscreens and windows in place and supplied the control technology for this. The varied nature of the projects and the direct contact with customers and suppliers makes the work both stimulating and challenging.