Every modernisation of a plant's electrical and automation technology poses a real challenge for the operator. Short time slots for shutdown, safe restart or conversion during ongoing operation require meticulous planning and a plant-specific migration concept.

The technology to be replaced contains extensive know-how that often has been accumulated over many years. An essential prerequisite for a project's success is to extract this know-how and port it to the new technology. BNA has successfully solved this problem for a wide range of systems and has proven and trusted migration concepts to maintain know-how and open up the potentials of the new technology.

Despite careful planning and implementation, large plants often cannot be converted in one single step or unforeseen problems may occur. We enable the parallel operation of the old and new technology in these situations and plan a detailed fall-back strategy.

Migrated systems
  • Contronic P
  • Teleperm M
  • Siemens ASX/LSX
  • ABB T200
  • AEG 250, 350, 500
  • Schneider
  • Ifix
  • Repas
  • Viewstar
  • Coros LS-B