Whether a loop control works properly or not depends on selecting suitable sensors and actuators and determining the right installation points. We thus integrate our process instrumentation specialists in the planning of an automation scenario at a very early stage.

Flow rate, quantity, weight, pressure, temperature or level, physical or chemical analysis of liquids, gas analysis or energy measurement – our own specialists plan, install and commission instrumentation technology. The same applies for actuators, no matter whether they are electrically or pneumatically operated. We have customised sensor holders and brackets manufactured on the basis of our own designs and in the required material quality.

When it comes to process instrumentation, our customers can benefit from our experience in using the conventional market products in conjunction with our technological know-how.

Please refer to Partners and certifications for a selection of the manufacturers whose products we use.

Measurement technology
  • Chemical and physical analysis of liquids 
  • Samplers 
  • Gas analysis, gas alarm devices 
  • Flow and quantity metering
  • Weight measurement
  • Level indicators, overflow protection 
  • Pressure and temperature metering
  • Energy metering
  • Data loggers, registration devices 
  • Fieldbus systems (PROFIBUS DP/PA, HART, PROFINET)
  • Field device management with FieldCare, Process Device Manager and PACTware