Our construction supervisor is appointed at the start of the project and is the fixed contact person for our customer throughout the entire period of the cooperation. In close cooperation with the other trades, he coordinates the installation work, plans reconfiguration work and temporary measures, coordinates the routing and is responsible for ensuring that the work is performed on time and to the correct quality.

Our installation services cover the construction of the cable runs, the conduit and the connection of the electrical equipment. We bring the switching systems to the place of installation, make the connections between the functional units that have been pre-fabricated in the works and check the system. Our experts take care of the installation and connection of the field devices.

Commissioning and testing is carried out pursuant to VDE 0100 Part 600 and DGUV Regulation 3 (BGV A3). All of the tests that have to be performed are documented on site. We also use commissioning plans that have been agreed in advance with our customers as well as signal and function checklists that have been prepared for the specific systems. The test of the direction of rotation and cold commissioning are performed in close cooperation with the commissioning engineers for the process control technology and the technology suppliers.

We prepare the verification documents for the proper state of the electrical systems that are required in accordance with the DGUV Regulation 3 before initial commissioning. Following successful commissioning, we then provide the as-built documentation.