Whether you need to network several operating sites, collect and distribute production and operational data, carry out research on the Internet, coordinate field workers or simply want to use data and programs, it doesn't matter where the desk is - communication has become indispensable in day-to-day business.

Modern communication platforms with different devices, media and transmission channels today form the backbone of companies. Whether alerting software, mobile control stations or process information systems in the productive sector, groupware solutions, mobile devices or distributed databases in the office world – we specialise in setting up communication platforms, integrating heterogeneous products and solutions and networking business locations. Companies with widely distributed structures profit from our expertise in highly available unified messaging servers, which are installed and supported by our specialists.

Communication solutions
  • Unified Messaging Server
  • Groupware solutions Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise®, Kerio, Tobit david®
  • Database systems
  • Alerting systems
  • Operational data acquisition systems (ODA)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Process information systems (PIMS)
  • Management information systems (MIS)