anexio® Maintenance is a software to plan, perform and document maintenance, inspection and repair work. It allows the management of resources and plants, the efficient performance of work and its lawful documentation.

anexio® Maintenance supports the event-, order- and condition-based organisation of maintenance processes. All of the necessary instructions, checklists and design documents are available on mobile devices. These show the results of any previous maintenance and document the work that is carried out directly in situ. All of the documents, photos or videos that are produced are automatically re-synchronised. RFID, NFC and QR technology allows the safe identification of the places of work. Mobile access to online data such as run times, measured values or faults provides support during maintenance and troubleshooting work.

As a standalone product, anexio® Maintenance can also be used independently from other products in the TIBS family.

For product information, please visit the anexio® website.