The dividends

Since its foundation in 1990 BNA has ended each financial year with a profit. These profits combined with good cash flows and excellent liquidity were the cornerstones of stable dividend payments to our shareholders, whereby at least 50 % of the profit earned was always passed on directly to the shareholders. The remaining part was invested by us in our growth and the strengthening of the equity base.

In the 2018 financial year BNA earned an annual surplus of € 1,428.6 million. Profit per share came to € 2.23. The annual general meeting voted on 05.04.2019 in favour of distributing a dividend of € 1.65 per 'A' share and € 1.70 per 'B' share from this profit and posting the remaining amount to the other profit reserves.

Profits and dividends since 2000

  • Profit per share €
  • Dividend per share in €

* after share split 2016 at a ratio of 1:6, dividend per ordinary shares, including special one-off dividend of € 2.26 per share, preference shares plus 5 ct.

**dividend per ordinary Shares, preference shares plus 5 ct.
The pre-2016 values have been adjusted to take account of the split.