Switchgear construction is part of our quality management system that has been certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2015. Electrical engineering, ERP systems and material management are interlinked; the materials that are supplied are fabricated for specific functional units. This allows short lead times with the highest quality.

BNA manufactures combinations of low-voltage switchgear up to 1,000 V / 5,000 A for fixed, plug-in or rack mounting. The design is based on the design verification according to DIN EN 61439 and the project planning documents generated by BNA.

We use materials and components from the leading manufacturers on the market. We use profiled busbars with a centre distance of 60 for systems over 630 A. Contacting is carried out without drilling and only with ready-made adapters, thus facilitating retrofitting or conversions.

Routine verification is carried out on the basis of the test methods specified in the design verification. Programmable switchgear and frequency converters are parameterised in the works; the data sets are an integral part of the electronic documentation. All of the switchgears undergo complex testing before delivery with the automation and control technology.