Swimming pools

The German infection protection act and DIN 19643 govern microbiological, chemical and physical bathing water standards. Compliance is a must when operating indoor or outdoor swimming pools. But guests need more to feel comfortable: the water temperature and air humidity must be pleasant, the water must be transported and moved to operate water chutes and other attractions and makes guests feel as though they were by the sea. While wind and sun provide the perfect swimming weather for an outdoor pool, heating and air-conditioning systems are responsible for this task for an indoor pool.

Swimming pools are complex technical systems and the safe and efficient operation of indoor and outdoor pools places high demands on the control of the operating technology. Only a holistic approach and the integrated control of the water treatment, circulation, heating and air-conditioning technology, combined heat and power plants and solar-thermal plants open up cost-saving potential and ensure efficient and reliable operation.

BNA has been developing and building control and monitoring systems for indoor and outdoor swimming pools for more than 20 years. The focus here is on the optimum energy-efficient control of the operation technology, integration of cost-efficient sources of energy as well as the number of guests and the weather. An integrated control system from BNA helps operators reduce their energy and operating media cost and make swimming a pleasure.



Ostthüringer Wasser und Abwasser GmbH, control of an aquatic centre


Bad Saarow Kur GmbH, control and energy optimisation


City of Gera, control of an indoor pool environment


Stadtwerke Meiningen, control of an indoor and outdoor pool environment


Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Bad Kreuznach, control of a thermal pool